Andrei Zavada, PhD

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Most recent affiliations/employers

February 2021—present
TI Tokyo remote, Erlang
January 2018—February 2021
Pypestream remote, Erlang, Elixir
May 2017—January 2018
Id3as remote, Erlang, Elm, JS
November 2014—April 2017
Basho remotely, on contract via, until the bitter end Erlang, the Third Man on Riak TS team
November 2013—December 2014
Massive solutions, Python
July 2012—October 2013
Various employers (StrikeAd, Erlang, C++)
June 2010—June 2012
Massive solutions, Erlang
May 2008—May 2010
University of Sussex, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Groningen, The Netherlands, PhD student


November 2013

I believe at version 1.0, recently released, Aghermann can be squarely considered feature-complete.

To reach such a milestone and be satisfied with it, I sought to somehow deal with the challenge of automatic scoring, which proved an utterly ungratifying problem. Essentially, there is no solution that one could present as by any measure complete; but, instead, I pass the task to the knowledgeable user, by means of letting them write their own algorithm, in Lua, to their heart's content.

September 2012

I noticed, with a couple of previous releases, some non-Debian soul diligently downloading each tarball from France the next day after I released it on

One feature in the latest 0.7.1 being popping up ChangeLog once on each upgrade, I half-seriously considered to write some greeting in French right next to it, specially for him or her.

I'd like to thank you for using Aghermann, French or otherwise. And as I am sure every one of you has some one-off quirk in their sleep-experiment setup which I can only blindly guess at, please don't hesitate to make it known to me. I'd be more than happy to listen and acommodate.

Otherwise, some ideas are already taking shape towards a yet another metric of sleep efficiency—all to get rid of scores for the great good. Stay tuned.

March 2012
Daughter Assia born on the 15th of March:

(more here)

January 2012
Aghermann now in Debian/sid
December 2011
Taking time to get Aghermann into Debian-Med