A sleep-research experiment manager, with a facility for reading, displaying, and (manual and semi-automatic) scoring EEG recordings in edf format; conventional PSD and EEG Microcontinuity profiles; artifact detection; Independent Component Analysis; basic sleep analysis (NREM-REM cycle detection); and Process S simulation following Achermann et al, 1993.
A neuronal network simulator reading topology from NeuroML, and using Lua for scripting, e.g., model introspection and neuroplastic processes. Provides conductance- and rate-based Hodgkin–Huxley neuron models as well as ‘Map’ neurons, and alpha-beta and Rall synapses. A 5-6-order RK method is used for integration, with adjustable dt for fast or precise simulation. State variables and spiking times can be logged, with options, for offline analysis, as well as sampled by functions in Lua. Interprocess communications is planned between CNrun hosts, including both data (neurotransmission) and control (topology push/pull, etc) channels.